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About Us

SpecHampton aims to provide information, editorial, and entertainment for those interested (either casually or professionally) in Hamptons real estate.

While much of the East End's economy revolves around real estate and those who lend to, insure, plan, build, design, furnish, market, and sell, etc., there are few if any dedicated editorial resources following the market. Why is that?

Real Estate articles in local magazines and websites often read more like pep rallies than real life. It's generally an interview with a top broker saying, "Sales are down but prices are up.", or "Our agency is doing great!". More than one content provider wraps favorable editorial around what would otherwise appear to be paid real estate listings.

The newspapers cover the stories- escalating prices and blockbuster deals; the need for affordable housing for the community's labor force and working families; the preservation of open spaces vs. a sustainable economy funded by continued real estate development; etc., but there isn't much inside, detailed editorial.

So after saying all that, let me temper your expectations for Spechampton before I skewer myself with self-righteousness. SpecHampton's goal is not to be the savior of hidden truths nor the dogged reporter uncovering real estate hypocrisy and greed. I'm just a guy who likes looking at pretty houses and landscapes ( while hugely in favor of preservation and the Peconic Land Trust) and following the deals. I hope to share with you some of those related joys and horrors. Real estate is happening in the Hamptons; I hope the market holds up.

Here's what you'll find at SpecHampton

  • Real Estate listings that I like (or don't) from a development or investment perspective, with pretty pictures and a reasoned explanation.
  • Random news features and interviews with people in the business.
  • Pictures and descriptions of homes and neighborhoods that I think are cool (or not).
  • A diary of my own spec house renovation in Sag Harbor Village.
  • Some other stuff that I hope you will enjoy and take the time to generate a dialogue about through the site's community features.

So, see you at the next open house, if I can't find someone to show me some advance listings. And please feel free to contact me with questions, comments, and advertising inquiries ;-).

Michael Cohen
Editor & Publisher