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December 22, 2006
Sag Harbor Bay Front
48-52 John St., Sag Harbor
sag harbor waterfront for sale
The last Sag Harbor property I reviewed, I pulled down after the broker threatened to sue me. Anyway, unlike that Las Vegas-inspired opportunity (which wasn't a terrible proposition) , here's a classy, country-cozy, 1 house and 3 cottages on 2 adjacent properties.

From the Heavens
sag harbor waterfront for sale
It's in a perfect location on a quintessentially beautiful Sag Harbor bay front street.

The View
sag harbor waterfront for sale
So this has yet to officially hit the market, but the proposed asking price is criminally high. So let's not get into the details of all that; let's enjoy the wondrous setting that is John Street. Check out houses surrounding this listing...I've nicknamed them.

sag harbor waterfront for sale

sag harbor waterfront for sale

sag harbor waterfront for sale

sag harbor waterfront for sale

The Colony
sag harbor waterfront for sale

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December 21, 2006
Sculpture Farm
Twin Oaks
hamptons real estate

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December 20, 2006
If You Are Into Horses...
425 Watermill Towd Road
hamptons horse farm for sale
Here's one that's worth a look-see if riding horses is your bag. Currently listed at $3.45m down from $4.75m over a year ago.

Back of the House
hamptons horse farm for sale
Almost 10 acres, renovated 4,000 sq. ft. 4 bed 4 bath, with heated gunite pool, 5 stall barn, 5 paddocks, a professional riding ring, and sits adjacent to the Southampton trail system. If you can afford this, you can find a better "HOUSE" opportunity, but i don't think a better "HORSE" opportunity. SO it's all about that and most likely worth the investment. Listing with Michaela Keszler at Prudential.

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December 19, 2006
Marty's Shop Barber on Sesame Street
marty's barber sag harbor on sesame street
So I'm watching Sesame Street with my daughter the other morning and a video clip of a street that looks strikingly like Main St. Sag Harbor flashes the screen for a few seconds. Cut to the inside of a barber shop, and lo and behold, it's Sag Harbor's Marty the Barber giving a kid a haircut! I knew it. The clip must be 10 or even 20 years old. And good old Elmo is narrating the clip about how this kid is getting a haircut from "Mario" the barber. Pretty cool right? MY daughter loves Elmo, so she was pretty into it.

Elmo in the Window
marty's barber sag harbor on sesame street
The next time I was in Sag Harbor, I checked out Mario's window, and look, there are Elmo stickers! Mario loves Elmo just like my daughter does.

Wait a Second...
marty's barber sag harbor on sesame street
Upon closer inspection, it seems that Mario doesn't like kids at all? What happened to sour Mario on kids? And why is he working so few hours? Something tells me Mario won't be around for the long haul.

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December 18, 2006
A House with a Barn Attached
hamptons real estate

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December 11, 2006
Cool House
Traditional with Modern Elements
hamptons real estate
This is my style.

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December 08, 2006
Reno Diary 7: Siding
sag harbor home renovation
We hadn't yet decided whether to re-side the entire house (and roof) or to just re-paint and repair. But we did know that the asbestos shingles on the north side of the house would have to go.

Compare and Contrast
sag harbor home renovation
You can see the difference between the cedar-shingled front and the asbestos-shingled side even though it doesn't loook so dramatic. Click photo for the larger version. Asbestos has to go regardless.

New Window Close-Up
sag harbor home renovation
Here's a close-up from the Week 5 update that shows the asbsestos shingles and the old siding underneath.

So see what we're doing after the jump...
read on ... "Reno Diary 7: Siding" »

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December 07, 2006
House O' The Day
hamptons real estate

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December 05, 2006
Ready for Picking in the Northwest
6 Grape Arbor Lane
east hampton northwest woods real estate
In every real estate reviewer's life, there comes a time when an inconceivable opportunity stands before them- a house or property of such magnificence at such a reasonable price that they have to squint to parse the believability before conjuring just how much they can raise to make an instant offer...

View from the Heavens
east hampton northwest woods real estate
Well this isn't one of those times, but here is a great house that has to be a great deal if you are looking for privacy, quality, and size in East Hampton.

Back of House
east hampton northwest woods real estate
We're talking 6,000 sq. ft. stucco art deco with traditional lines on 1.4 acres abutting reserve on a private cul-de-sac street with 6 beds, 6 baths, a great great room, beautiful finishes and detailing, gunite pool with pool house, fireplace, two car garage, finished basement, etc.

Dining Room
east hampton northwest woods real estate
See the nice built-in cabinets with trim. The house is filled with this detailing.

Back of House
east hampton northwest woods real estate
I've got a friend looking for a house with privacy in the Northwest woods for under $2 million. Sadly, I am doing him a disservice by listing this one here. It is a beauty at $1.95. Been on the market for over 6 months. I'll bet you could close for around $1.8. Great house, great deal. Listing with Lorraine Berger at Corcoran.

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December 04, 2006
A Deal on Bull Path?
21 Bull Path, East Hampton, Northwest
real estate deal bull path east hampton
You know how they refer to Bull Path as "Prestigious" Bull Path? That's a nice bit of marketing. It's a nice street and all, but aren't there others that are less travelled and more deserving of the "prestigious" moniker? Regardless, people want to own here, so this house/property seems like a deal. Built in 1990, it's a traditionally-styled contemporary on 2 acres, 3,000 sq. ft., 3 beds, 2 baths, one fireplace, a gunite pool, and modern amenities including a chef's kitchen and renovated master bath.

Great Room
real estate deal bull path east hampton
Originally listed in March at around $1.8 million and recently dropped to $1.48 after a stop at $1.69. So what's up? Well, there seems to be a little street/riding path that runs directly through the driveway and back around the house. Not sure what kind if traffic this gets, but this property can't be overly private. Seems like they could use another bathroom too. Still, 2 acres with gunite pool on Bull Path for under $1.5? Should go soon... Listing with Barbara Blumberg at Corcoran.

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December 03, 2006
Driveway to Nowhere
Anyone know where this goes?
hamptons real estate

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December 01, 2006
House 'O The Day
hamptons real estate
Hmmm...World's Fair?

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