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September 29, 2006
Old vs. New East Hampton
Turtle Crossing
Old school BBQ

wei fun
new school chinese

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September 18, 2006
Sagaponack Oceanfront
35 Gibson Lane, Sagaponack
sagaponack oceanfront  
Check out this Sotheby's Listing on Gibson beach. It's a 1400 sq. ft. oceanfront on .77 acres, pretty small, but I am sure expandable either up or back. It's listed for only $7.35 million.  

35 Gibson Lane, Sagaponack
sagaponack oceanfront  
So what's the catch? There are a few other oceanfronts in the $25 million range on the market in Sagaponack, one around $20, and another at $12- obviously at varying degrees of house and property size. But those are big spreads. So take a look at the picture above. Then imagine a gigantic wave crashing over this house and pulling it out to sea. Maybe that's the wildcard, god forbid. But if it happens out here, it's likely to be in Sagaponack based on last Winter's close call.... Still, if you had the money...would you?  

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September 13, 2006
Cool Contemporary off Deerfield
35 Deerwood Path

I'll be honest. I'm not exactly sure what constitutes a deal in this stalemate of a hamptons real estate market. So let's not worry about it. Let's get off the beaten path and over to Deerwood Path where this Danilo Silvestrin designed and furnished contemporary shouts out, "I'm tired of high-end renovated country-shingled traditionals, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"

the front

It's a private, 4 bed, 4 marble-bathed, 3,400 sq. ft. that is all about the open, windowed wall of wonderment. On 1.2 sloping acres (worth grading to flat), a gunite pool, and a serious 2nd floor deck. The appliances need updating, but if you like this kind of thing, it is very cool and comfortable feeling inside. Probably a little pricey at $1.7, but i hear there is some negotiability. Listing with Michaela Keszler at Prudential.

Some more pics after the jump...

read on ... "Cool Contemporary off Deerfield" »

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September 09, 2006
Photo of the Day
Crazy Gate
hamptons real estate
Wonder what the house looks like.

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September 07, 2006
Photo of the Day
Horse Sculpture

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September 05, 2006
Old vs. New- Southampton (V)
hamptons real estate
Old and new all wrapped up in one.

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September 03, 2006
Old vs. New- Southampton (IV)
hamptons real estate
The workers could grab beef and beer at the irish pub.

hamptons real estate

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