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August 29, 2006
Property, Pool, Tennis - Under $1.5 mil. in East Hampton
95 Old Northwest Road, East Hampton
hamptons real estate
This open 2300 sq. ft. contemporary sits on 3.87 acres in the Northwest Woods. It's got 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, central air, 2 fireplaces (one in the master), basement with wine cellar, an 18 x 36 vinyl pool, and an all-weather tennis court. There isn't any lawn to speak of but there is a lot of room to clear and lay one down. It's very private, except for the junky house with laundry hanging outside as you drive in. It's sort of the once-stylish, now-lameish contemporary that Hamptonites don't love but really aren't so bad. That's why it hasn't moved. But with the land and the tennis court, this house/property is a steal. Some inventive designer or architect, I'm sure, could turn this into a gem. They should have put $30k into lawn and landscaping before putting on the market.

The High View
a Here's the Listing with Devlin McNiff.
The broker on this house is JR Kuneth at Devlin McNiff. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the market. If you are looking for a house, i highly recommend him. Seems very honest, and again, is well-studied. I was so impressed by JR, in fact, that I offered him a free ad on SpecHampton when i launched. The bosses at Devlin declined however. Seems that they don't like to get involved in new ventures. How long will JR remain at Devlin? That's the question about which everyone in hamptons real estate is wondering...

A few more pictures after the jump...

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August 28, 2006
Reno Diary 4: Demolition

Interior demolition is nearly complete. The walls, floors and ceilings are being stripped, bathrooms and kitchen removed, some walls knocked out. When all has been laid bare, we will assess what needs to be done and refine our budget.

Wide-Plank Floors

Good news regarding the flooring. Underneath the linoleum, shag carpeting, cheap parquet, and newer thin-plank wood floors running throughout the house, we discovered the original wide-plank floors. This will enable us to restore original character at a limited cost.

Check out the before and after shots after the jump...

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August 27, 2006
Southampton Castle

hamptons real estate
This house has to have a name

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August 26, 2006
Old vs. New - Southampton (III)
Old Southampton
hamptons real estate
The kind of town where the stores where named "Shoppe"...

New Southampton
hamptons real estate
That is, until the Katz's from South Beach moved in.

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August 22, 2006
Old vs. New - Southampton (II)
Old Southampton
hamptons real estate
Old school Haircut

New Southampton
hamptons real estate
New School Haircut - Closed?

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August 21, 2006
The Week in Links

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Elegant Simplicity in Springs
63 Talmage Farm Lane

My friends are selling their house in Springs, so that they can move to Sag Harbor where the schools are better. The house is a 2000 sq. ft., 3 bed, 3 bath and impeccably styled & detailed: wide-plank hardwood floors, top of the line kitchen and baths, shutters, french doors, incredible stone fireplace, mahogany deck, covered porch, gunite pool, 2 car garage. They've got almost an acre. It's really mint. If i had to criticize this house for the sake of editorial integrity, i'd say it probably should be 1,000 sq. ft. bigger. Otherwise, checking out the comps in Springs, you can find bigger houses in this price range but not nicer ones. So if you've got a small family and want to live like the Hamptons in this price range, this is the way to go. Listing with Allan Schneider.

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August 19, 2006
Turtle in the Pool

hamptons real estate
likely inspired by the baby's inflatable turtle float

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August 18, 2006
Southampton Estate Section - Open House on Ox Pasture
110 Ox Pasture Rd.
hamptons real estate
So you want to live in the estate section of Southampton? So do a lot of people, if you consider the teeming masses swarming to this Ox Pasture open house last week as an indication of demand. While navigating the crowds, I tried to guess which ones could actually afford this absolutely stunning combination of traditional and modern. And that led me to wonder whether I would pay the listed $10.8 million for this incredible 5,600 sq. ft., absolutely unique, minty mint house or find something with a little more than 1.9 landlocked acres in perhaps the fanciest neighborhood in the Hamptons. Is this a question of Value or of Values? I think the latter. See more of this beauty at the Allan Schneider listing for 110 Ox Pasture.

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August 17, 2006
Reno Diary 3: The Septic Tank
Digging for Doodie

Our desire to fit a gunite pool in the back yard entailed an assessment of the septic system. We needed to determine the make-up and location of the Cess and it's Overflow pools to learn whether they could simply be moved or would need an upgrade and a move. At first, we were told that we would need Health Department approval to move a cesspool and install a swimming pool. (in this case, an 8x10 ft. "plunge pool".) Fortunately, this information was incorrect; we only needed a certified septic tank company to perform the work within Sag Harbor Village code, assuming that we had adequate space for all of the setback and footprint requirements. Once we determined that we did have room, our septic tank guys dug up the lawn to further their due diligence.

Once they popped the cover, they found a problem
hamptons real estate
Ready for this?

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Sunrise, Wainscott Beach, 08/17

hamptons real estate
woke up at 5, on the beach with the dogs before 6.

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Old vs. New- Southampton
Old House
hamptons real estate
Verrry Historic

Hamptons Magazine Building
hamptons real estate
Less Historic

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August 14, 2006
North Sea Farm Chickens
hamptons real estate
Gobble Gobble

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August 11, 2006
Corcoran Buys Allan Schneider
hamptons real estate
Schneider's home page this morning

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August 07, 2006
Shinnecock Hills - Surrounded by Water
153 Little Neck Rd., Shinnecock Hills
hamptons real estate  
This 2400 sq. ft. beach house on .51 acres in Shinnecock Hills is a mint renovation, top to bottom, completely surrounded by water. While the house isn't huge, if you want to be out on the water in Southampton, I can't imagine that there is a better listing for under $3 mil. It may be the nicest house in the hood, but at $2.85 million, you will not lose your money unless the bay washes the house away.

Satellite View
a Here's the Listing with Alexis Mayer at Corcoran.
Incidentally, the broker mentioned that this property is actually gaining beachfront, not losing it. The satellite photo suggests otherwise, but that may be tide-related. (It's the house at the end of the point.) More after the jump...

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